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Non-Residential Fixtures, Appliances and Equipment

Some of the biggest opportunities for water savings are found in the non-residential sector.  Improving efficiency in non-residential water use requires an in dept understanding of how water is used and what can be reasonably done to use less.  The AWE Resource Library pages listed below offer information on non-residential fixtures, appliances, and equipment as well as links to the latest research and information about this important end user category. 

Fixtures and Appliances  Equipment 

Combination Ovens    

Commercial Dishwashing 

Commercial Laundry Facilities 

Faucet Fixtures 

Laundromats and Common Area Laundry Facilities 

Restroom Fixtures Audit 

Salon Spray Heads 

Toilet Fixtures 

Urinal Fixtures 

Waterless Woks 

Wet Cleaning Devices 


Cooling Towers 

Food Steamers 


Ice Cream Machines 

Ice Machines 

Medical and Health Care Systems 

Package Graywater Recovery and Treatment Systems 

Steam Sterilizers & Autoclaves 

Swimming Pools and Spas 

X-ray Film Processors 


Definition of Terms

Looking for a quick definition of a water or conservation related term or concept?  The AWE Glossary has an extensive list of the most commonly used terms in the biz.

AWE Glossary of Common Water Related Terms, Abbreviations, and Definitions 

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