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Water Conservation Programs

There are a wide variety of water conservation programs that have been implemented in North America.  Most utilities who have an active water conservation program have chosen a menu of conservation measure options to comprise their program.  The AWE Resource Library pages listed below offer information on various water conservation programs as well as links to the latest research and information about this important topic.

Water Conservation Programs - Technology 

Water Conservation Programs - Education and Information 

Device Distribution Programs 

Direct Installation Programs 

Manufacturer Buy Down Programs 

Rebate and Voucher Programs 

Partnership Programs 

Public and Consumer Education Programs 

School Education Programs 

Site Survey and Audit Programs 

Water Conservation Programs - Relevant Research

TWRI (2015) Utility Customer Profile Guide for Water Conservation Planning  

AWE (2014) Water Waste Ordinance Examples from Colorado 

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Water Rates and Rate Structures Library Content Listing 

AWE (2008) Water Efficient Indoor Products and Systems - Mandatory Reqs and Voluntary Initiatives 

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EPA (2002) EPA Cases in Water Conservation: How Efficiency Programs Help Water Utilities Save Water and Avoid Costs 

Definition of Terms

Looking for a quick definition of a water or conservation related term or concept?  The AWE Glossary has an extensive list of the most commonly used terms in the biz.

AWE Glossary of Common Water Related Terms, Abbreviations, and Definitions 

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