New Leakage Research Project Announced

AWE & WSO Selected to Develop a Software Tool


Water Systems Optimization (WSO) and the Alliance for Water Efficiency (AWE) were recently selected to complete the WaterRF project #4372, Effective Organization and Component Analysis of Water Utility Leakage Data.  WSO and AWE will develop a software tool that will allow North American utilities to easily undertake leakage component analyses and Economic Level of Leakage analyses in order to design efficient and sustainable leakage control programs.  Eleven water utilities, representing small and large, public and private utilities from throughout the United States and one utility from Canada will be participating in the project by contributing data and beta-testing the software tool.  WSO and the Alliance for Water Efficiency are excited to have this opportunity to significantly improve the North American water community’s water loss mitigation efforts. Click here for further details.