The Alliance for Water Efficiency Launches Version 2.0 of Household Water Calculator


  • HWW Calc LogoAdapted for Canada with climate data, postal codes and metrics 
  • Now compatible with tablets and mobile devices 
  • Enhancements include increased accuracy, faster load times and more user-friendly interface  

The Alliance for Water Efficiency has released an updated version of its Home Water Works Household Water Calculator featuring key enhancements that will help more consumers across North America save water. The Household Water Calculator is a powerful tool that estimates where water is used in the home and provides a personalized plan to save water and energy.

For the first time, water users in Canada will be able to access more accurate results using Canadian postal codes and climate data, and will receive results and tips in liters. The new calculator is also more accurate, featuring more precise estimates for water demand in households with more than four people. Finally, the calculator has been adapted for mobile use and can now be used on tablets and smart phones that do not support Flash technology. These improvements also mean faster load times and a more intuitive interface to provide a more seamless experience for users.

“These improvements will make the calculator more useful to our members and to all water users at a time when water conservation is needed in numerous areas facing shortages,” said Mary Ann Dickinson, President and CEO of the Alliance for Water Efficiency. “The more we understand about our personal water use, the easier it is to take action. Every gallon saved at home helps reduce strains on our water supplies and reduces water and energy costs.”

The calculator results are based on the most up-to-date and reliable water use data available. Users answer a few simple questions about their homes and the Water Calculator quickly estimates overall water consumption, which is then refined by the respondent  in a “treasure hunt” within the house to document more accurately how much water is used for toilets, showers, clothes washers, faucets, dishwashers, and even leaks. The results compare the estimated water use of the respondent against an average and a highly water efficient home in their area. A personalized water efficiency plan indicates the areas where water can be saved and provides steps the respondent can take to reduce their water use. The Water Calculator even estimates the carbon footprint associated with water heating in the home.

Usage figures are calculated using carefully researched per capita estimates from North American water use studies from the Water Research Foundation and the Environmental Protection Agency.  Using North American climate data sets, the Water Calculator estimates outdoor use based on the size and type of the landscape and the irrigation methods employed.

The calculator is hosted on AWE’s Home Water Works website, which is available to the public and also used by more than 50 water suppliers across the country to help their customers save water. AWE member water agencies can request a customized Home Water Works logo to encourage their customers to use the calculator from their own websites.  The Household Water Calculator is a collaborative project of the Alliance for Water Efficiency and The Field Museum in Chicago.