Example Water Offset Ordinances

The following municipal, county, and utility ordinances, as well as one state statute, informed the development of the Net Blue Ordinance Worksheet. Collectively, they demonstrate the diversity of ways that local water offset ordinances have accommodated new development in water-scarce areas. 

Net Blue Logo smallerCambria Community Services District, CA 

Dungeness River Watershed, WA 

Lompoc, CA 

Monterey County, CA  

Morro Bay, CA - Chapter 13.20  

Morro Bay, CA - Resolution 32-14 

Napa, CA 

San Diego, CA  

San Luis Obispo County, CA - Chapter 22.94  

San Luis Obispo County, CA - Ordinance 3246  

San Luis Obispo County, CA - Title 26  

Santa Fe, NM  

Santa Monica, CA  

Soquel Creek Water District, CA  

St. Helena, CA