First Annual 2009 WaterSense Partner of the Year Awards Banquet

Sponsored by AWE and U.S. EPA


Partners of the Year

On October 7, 2009, the U.S. EPA announced its 2009 award winners at the first-ever AWE/EPA WaterSense Awards Banquet held in conjunction with the WaterSmart Innovations Conference and Exposition in Las Vegas, Nevada. 

The 2009 Partners of the Year award honors partners in four key categories.  Each partner has made great strides in increasing water efficiency and awareness of the WaterSense label across the country.  The 2009 winners are:

  • Kohler Co (Manufacturer) 
  • Lowe’s Companies, Inc. (Retailer/Distributor) 
  • Cobb County Water System, Georgia (Promotional Partner – Large Utility) 
  • James City Service Authority, Virginia (Promotional Partner – Small Utility) 
  • Brian Vinchesi (Irrigation Partner) 


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Kohler Co.
Lowe's Companies
Cobb County Water System


Brian Vinchesi

Water Star!

John Flowers was recognized for a lifetime of achievement in promoting water conservation and water use efficiency and presented with Alliance for Water Efficiency's first ever Water Star Award.

John Flowers, who recently retired from the U.S. EPA, was celebrated for his lifetime of achievement in promoting water conservation and water use efficiency. His pioneering visions and efforts changed the way water is used in the United States, and were instrumental in creating programs like WaterSense and organizations like the Alliance for Water Efficiency.


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Mary Ann Dickinson
AWE President and CEO
John Flowers
Water Star!
Mary Ann & 



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Awards Banquet
Awards Banquet
Awards Banquet


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Dwarf Planets
Dwarf Planets
Dwarf Planets