Congratulations to Doug Bennett, Conservation Manager, SNWA

Recipient of the 2013 Alliance for Water Efficiency Water Star Award


Doug B pic 1Congratulations to Doug Bennett, recipient of the 2013 AWE Water Star award.  The AWE Water Star Award is an award intended to recognize individual excellence in water efficiency. AWE wishes to celebrate the “unsung hero”, the quiet water conservation practitioner working in the trenches who makes a huge difference by their dedication, passion, and progressive approaches to move forward our field. Water Star award winners receive this recognition not because they apply for the award, but because their peers around them recognize the value of their significant contribution and achievements over time and their quiet dedication to the cause.

Some of Doug’s too numerous to mention achievements include:

  • Establishing the WaterSmart Innovations Conference & Exposition in partnership with the U.S. EPA and other leading national and international organizations.
  • Reducing per capita consumption from 314 gpcd to 219 gpcd, and still dropping.
  • Enacting landscape development codes that strictly regulate turf and landscape design in new residential construction and also commercial properties.
  • Undertaking more than 100,000 water waste investigations for customers, where more than $1 million in fees have been assessed to repeat offenders.
  • Instituting efficient irrigation equipment rebates, where more than 2,000 residents received a rebate for replacing their irrigation clocks with more efficient controllers.  This has created a savings of more than 134 million gallons of water.
  • Establishing the Water Efficient Technologies Program which offers financial incentives to commercial and multifamily property owners who install water-efficient devices.  Each participant can earn up to $150,000 for implementing new, water-saving technologies.  To date, 48 projects have been completed for a savings of 527 million gallons annually.
  • Developing a water smart home specification to feature innovative indoor and outdoor conservation measure in the home and water-efficient landscaping. Each home constructed by the five participating builders is estimated to use up to 75,000 gallons less water each year than one built a decade ago.
  • Developing a program to pay customers $1.50 per square foot of turf removed. Since its implementation, more than 165 million square feet of turf have been converted through more than 40,000 projects.

Doug B pic 4 

We congratulate Doug and thank him for his creativity, intelligence, management savvy and extraordinary common sense in the successful conservation programs he has designed and implemented with his staff.  Doug has inspired all of us to think outside of the box.

Past recipients of the AWE Water Star Award include: John Flowers of the U.S. EPA (2009); George Kunkel of the Philadelphia Water Department (2010); Bill Maddaus of Maddaus Water Management (2011); and Karen Guz of the San Antonio Water System (2012).