Amy Vickers Wins AWE Water Star Award


On October 9, 2014 -- at the Water Smart Innovations Conference in Las Vegas -- the Alliance for Water Efficiency presented Amy Vickers with its coveted annual Water Star Award, an award intended to recogAmy Vickers Water Star Awardnize individual excellence in water efficiency.  Vickers was honored for over 25 years of achievements in the water efficiency field.  She is a nationally recognized water conservation and efficiency expert, engineer, and author of the award-winning Handbook of Water Use and Conservation.  She is also recognized as having spearheaded the inclusion of plumbing standards in the 1992 U.S. Energy Policy Act, which has saved the nation trillions of gallons of water over the past twenty years

“Amy has been an unfailing champion for water conservation, wise and efficient water use,” said Mary Ann Dickinson, President and CEO of the Alliance for Water Efficiency upon presentation of the award.  “Her research, analysis, advocacy and leadership has advanced the field of water conservation and educated thousands of water conservation professionals.”

A prolific author, Vickers has written over 75 professional papers, articles, op-eds, and essays in addition to her book.

                                                     Amy Vicker Water Star 


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