AWE Testifies Before Senate Subcommittee on Water and Wildlife

Regarding the EPA’s Role in Promoting Water Use Efficiency


Washington, DC – The Alliance for Water Efficiency today urged Congress to ramp up the funding for WaterSense, the federal government’s three-year-old program to promote and label more water efficient appliances and plumbing products.

AWE MAD Photo 09-03-31The Alliance told a key Senate subcommittee that despite low levels of funding, the Environmental Protection Administration (EPA) has made “extraordinary strides” launching the WaterSense program to test and label hundreds of products, but that much more funding is needed to achieve real progress towards water savings.

“A WaterSense labeled product provides the consumer with a guarantee of not only water efficiency, but superior performance,” AWE Executive Director Mary Ann Dickinson told the Senate Subcommittee on Water and Wildlife today.  “More products need to be labeled in the marketplace, and funding constraints are preventing that from happening quickly.”

AWE MAD Photo 2 09-03-31Dickinson urged the subcommittee to increase WaterSense funding from the current “unacceptable” level of $2.4 million a year to $10 million. “Energy Star is funded at twenty times the level of the WaterSense program. With drought gripping much of the country and with water supplies in shortage conditions in many locations, the time is right for the federal government to carefully assess water efficiency as a beneficial strategy,” she said.

Also covered in the testimony presented by the Alliance for Water Efficiency was water efficiency research and federal funding for water efficiency programs in general.