AWE Advises Obama's Transition Team on Investment in Water Efficiency

Water Efficiency as Stimulus and Long-Term Investment


barack obamaThe Alliance for Water Efficiency advised President-Elect Barack Obama’s transition team about the employment potential and economic benefits of broad investments in water efficiency. AWE has prepared a position paper titled, Transforming Water: Water Efficiency as Stimulus and Long-Term Investment. The intent of the paper is to show that water efficiency programs yield jobs, water savings and other economic benefits and will be a cost-effective investment to consider for the stimulus package. It has been reported that this document is already being used to help inform future national policy.

The AWE position paper had the following key findings:

  • Direct investment on the order of $10 billion in water/energy efficiency programs can boost U.S. Gross Domestic Product (GDP) by $13 to $15 billion and employment by 150,000 to 220,000 jobs.  It could save up to 10 trillion gallons of water, with resulting energy reductions as well.
  • Water/energy efficiency programs can be rapidly deployed and scaled to need.  The paper provides a formula to use for scaling jobs to amount of investment.
  • Some of the best opportunities for conservation investment are in lower-income areas where water distribution infrastructure has not been adequately maintained or replaced and where household and commercial appliance stocks tend to be older and less efficient.
  • The long-term strategic, economic, social, and environmental benefits of water/energy efficiency program make them “no-regret” investments in the nation’s future.
  • Investing in water/energy efficiency programs now will, over the longer term, help advance national energy policy, promote sustainable resource use, contribute towards Green House Gas emissions reduction, and lessen mounting regional conflicts over water resources.