AWE Joins Requests for Federal Green Infrastructure Stimulus Funding in Canada

Clean Water, Green Jobs - Sustainable Water Infrastructure Investments


In response to the Government of Canada currently discussing accelerating the government’s $33 billion Building Canada Plan and possibly expanding infrastructure investments to stimulate the economy, the Forum for Leadership on Water (FLOW), along with the Canadian Water and Wastewater Association, the University of Victoria's POLIS project on Ecological Governance and the Alliance for Water Efficiency, has proposed a sustainable water infrastructure plan entitled, Clean Water, Green Jobs: A Stimulus Package for Sustainable Water Infrastructure Investments to the Federal Government.  The plan contains solutions that can be deployed quickly and broadly, creating jobs and stimulating the economy faster than traditional infrastructure projects. The plan focuses on investments in repairing and upgrading existing infrastructure, restoring green infrastructure, and conserving water and energy

Upon submitting the plan, the authors have requested the opportunity to meet key Members of Parliament from all parties to discuss how investing in sustainable water infrastructure can create jobs, save money and protect the environment.

Click on the appropriate link for either a PDF of the sustainable water infrastructure plan, Clean Water, Green Jobs: A Stimulus Package for Sustainable Water Infrastructure Investments or a MS Word version of the general cover letter to Federal Members of Parliament.