A Practical Approach to Water Conservation for Commercial Industrial Facilities
by Mohan Seneviratne

Water conservation is an essential part of water use management in industrial and commercial sectors.


CII Book CoverIndustry and commerce use vast amounts of water, and in many parts of the world water is becoming a scarce commodity.  This book is a "best practice" manual for water conservation for industrial and commercial users world-wide.  It offers a practical account of the measures which can be taken to re-educate industrial and commercial users in the techniques of water saving and re-use--anywhere in the world.  Written by a practicing water consultant, the principles of water management and best practices conservation are covered in detail and are supported by examples from numerous industrial and commercial operations.

Table of Contents 

  • Chapter 1 - Water Conservation – A Priority for Business
  • Chapter 2 - Basic Water Chemistry
  • Chapter 3 - Saving Water: Step by Step
  • Chapter 4 - Measuring Flow and Consumption
  • Chapter 5 - Cooling Water Systems
  • Chapter 6 - Alternatives to Wet Cooling Towers
  • Chapter 7 - Steam Systems
  • Chapter 8 - Industrial Water Reuse Technologies
  • Chapter 9 - Making a Financially Sound Business Case 
  • Chapter 10 - The Hospitality Sector
  • Chapter 11 - Commercial Buildings, Hospitals and Institutional Buildings
  • Chapter 12 - Swimming Pools
  • Chapter 13 - Food Processing and Beverage Industry
  • Chapter 14 - Oil Refining
  • Chapter 15 - Laundries
  • Glossary of Terms
  • Appendices
      - Worksheets
      - Conversions
  • Index

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