The California Water Efficiency Partnership to Formally Affiliate with AWE


AWE is pleased to announce that it has begun negotiations with the California Water Efficiency Partnership with the goal to formalize a relationship between the two organizations.

I will lead the negotiation process and will provide direction to the Partnership as it evolves into a formal relationship with AWE. What we want to avoid is the duplication of another very similar but separate water efficiency non-profit organization to AWE, and instead allow a merging of purpose and resources. In doing so, we expect the financial and programmatic benefits will be significant for both organizations.

While I am serving as the Partnership’s Transition CEO, I want to assure the members of AWE that nothing will change in our dedicated service to you, our first priority, and I will remain at your service. The California Water Efficiency Partnership has a very capable leader in its Deputy Executive Director Sarah Foley, who will continue to run the Partnership’s day-to-day operations in Sacramento. My role will be to develop the plan to bring these two valuable organizations together.

Sincerely yours,
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Mary Ann Dickinson
AWE President and CEO