Water Systems Optimization and Cavanaugh & Associates


Water Systems Optimization and Cavanaugh are the 2 leading firms in the North American field of Non-Revenue Water, providing specialist expertise and consulting to develop and implement NRW programs. WSO and Cavanaugh are currently teamed on the California Water Loss Technical Assistance Program, the largest program of its kind in existence bringing expertise and assistance to 450 urban systems across the state. 

Innovation at work: 

The AWWA M36 Methodology for Water Auditing & Water Loss Control has solidified its place as best-practice in the water industry. As more utilities begin conducting AWWA water audits, and as more regions in North America begin collecting these audits at the regulatory level, the realm of water audit validation has organically become the next wave of best-practices to unfold. Now in 3 states – Georgia, California and Hawaii, annual Level 1 validated water audits are being conducted and reported. This showcase will feature the validation process that is in place in these early adopter states, and utility case studies that underscore the importance of validation as an integral part of the water auditing business practice.   

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Kate Gasner
Director of Water & Energy Efficiency

Will Jernigan, P.E.          
Director of Water Efficiency