Saving the World, One Drop at a Time

MeterHero provides tracking software for water, energy, and natural gas for individuals, companies, and schools. Water savings are automatically awarded rebates at a value of a penny per gallon.

/assets/0/28/5137/5160/c22cf4cd-48a0-43b7-bc05-9293e4e891f0.jpgMeterHero allows users to enter manual readings from any meter, connects to individual utility accounts for automated data updates and rebates, and connects to utility databases for community-based conservation initiatives. Users receive rebates based on their reduction from baseline usage or specific usage reduction targets set by utilities.

Innovation at Work: 

The Boys and Girls Clubs of Milwaukee are using MeterHero to anchor their STEM curriculum in their afternoon program. Through a program called STEMhero, students are learning how to locate and read water and electricity, and gas meters, how to track consumption using MeterHero’s software, and how to understand their own home water and energy use.  

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McGee Young
Ph: 414-759-2599

Special AWE Member Offer: AWE members receive free software installation for community-based conservation initiatives (a $5,000 value).