Official Signatories to LEED 2009 Comment Letter

Andrew Davis
Accurate Weatherset, Inc.

Jane Ceraso
Environmental Manager
Acton Water District

Cameron Davis
Alliance for the Great Lakes

Mary Ann Dickinson
Executive Director
Alliance for Water Efficiency

Jenny Hoffner
Director, Water Efficiency Initiative
American Rivers

C.J. Lagan
Manager, Compliance Engineering
American Standard Brands

Amy Vickers
Amy Vickers & Associates, Inc.

Peter Mayer
Aquacraft, Inc.

Beth K. Stewart
Executive Director
Cahaba River Society

Glen Pleasance
Chair, Water Conservation and Demand Management Committee
Canadian Water and Wastewater Association

Joyce Coffee, LEED AP
Director of Project Development
Chicago Department of the Environment

John Fitzgerald
Director of Marketing
The Chicago Faucet Company/Geberit

Tom Fairey
DB Live Corporation

Elizabeth Gardener
Suburban Conservation Coordinator
Denver Water

Cindy Moe, P.E, LEED AP
Industrial Water Conservation Engineer
Denver Water

Stacy M. Smith, LEED AP
Conservation Specialist
Denver Water

Richard Harris
Water Conservation Manager
East Bay Municipal Utility District

T.E. Janssen
Ecotech Water, LLC

Edmund G. Archuleta
President and CEO
El Paso Water Utilities

Mary Kelly
Environmental Defense Fund

Jill Hoyenga
Water Management Services Supervisor
Eugene Water and Electric Board

John Jackson
Program Director
Great Lakes United

Tara Reynaud, LEED AP
Regional Program Director
GreenPlumbers USA

Carole Baker
Director of Intergovernmental Relations
Harris-Galveston Subsidence District

John Koeller
Technical Advisor, Alliance for Water Efficiency
Koeller & Company

Dan Carney
Water Conservation Manager
Marin Municipal Water District

Robert Wilson
Chief Operating Officer
National Water Services, Inc.

Ronnie Cohen
Senior Policy Analyst
Natural Resources Defense Council

Janet Nazy
Executive Director
Partnership for Water Conservation

Judi Ranton
Conservation Program Manager
City of Portland, Water Bureau

Allen Dietemann
Seattle Area Saving Water Partnership

Jim Metropulos
Senior Advocate
Sierra Club California

Doug Bennett
Conservation Manager
Southern Nevada Water Authority

Dave Bracciano
Demand Management Coordinator
Tampa Bay Water

Gunnar Baldwin
Senior Manager, Business Development
Toto USA, Inc.

Klaus Reichardt
Managing Partner
Waterless Company, LLC

J.B. Hoyt
Director of Regulatory Affairs and State Governmental Relations
Whirlpool Corporation

George E. Meyer
Executive Director
Wisconsin Wildlife Federation

Wendy Smith
World Wildlife Fund