Search Tips for the Alliance for Water Efficiency Web Site

2 Search Tools and Category Listings

Library 2The Alliance for Water Efficiency web site has two full text search tools:

1)      The navigation bar search tool that appears at the top right on every page; and

2)      The Resource Library Search tool

The navigation bar search tool looks for pages and documents throughout the entire AWE web site.

The Resource Library search tool only looks for pages and documents housed within the AWE Resource Library.

The Resource Library also has a categorical listing of key topic areas under the heading, “AWE Library Sections”.   Clicking on a topic area such as “Residential Water Efficiency”, brings up a complete list of all content pages related to the topic area.

Search on One or More Words

To maximize the effectiveness of the AWE search engine, search on a specific word or words that you anticipate will appear on the page you are seeking.  Boolean search rules apply.

For example, searching on the word “toilet” brings of three recommended results including the – Toilet Introduction, MaP Testing Page, and the Household Leak Page.  All other pages where the word “toilet” appears follow the three recommended results.

Searching on the pair of words “flushometer toilet” brings up a different set of results including the – Toilet Retrofit Page, Office Building Introduction, and the Toilet Introduction.

Use quotation marks around groups of words to search for a specific phrase such as “cooling tower conductivity”.  Searching on the same phrase without quotation marks will return pages where the words appear, but not necessarily together.

Learn more about Boolean search methods here -

Full Text Search

Both AWE search tools offer “full text search”.  Full text search refers to a technique for searching a computer-stored document or database. In a full text search, the search engine examines all of the words in every stored document as it tries to match search words supplied by the user.

The Alliance for Water Efficiency has sought to improve the full text search capability of the search engine by adding keywords to specific documents.  In many cases a search on a term such as “toilet” will bring up recommended results.

Stay In Touch

Please let us know how we can improve the Alliance for Water Efficiency Resource Library.  Let us know what is missing, what needs to be corrected or updated, and what you would like to see.  Please contact us with your suggestions.   Thank you.