Workshop Announced - Evaluating Water Conservation:

Using a Tracking Tool to Assess Utility Benefits and Avoid Revenue Loss


The Alliance for Water Efficiency, Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning, and the Chicago Department of Water Management invite you to come to a FREE workshop on September 3, 2009 to learn the basics of water conservation planning that will benefit your community and help you plan to avoid harmful revenue loss.  Featured will be a Tool developed by the Alliance for Water Efficiency to evaluate the water savings, costs, and benefits of water conservation programs specifically for your utility.  In addition to providing a standardized methodology for water savings and benefit‐cost accounting, the Tool includes a library of pre‐defined conservation activities to construct conservation programs.  Water managers can use the Tool in a variety of ways to aid their water resources planning and operations, which will be demonstrated at the workshop:

  • Compare alternative conservation measures in terms of their water savings potential, impact on system costs, and potential benefits to utility customers.
  • Develop long‐range conservation plans. Construct conservation portfolios containing up to 50 separate conservation program activities.
  • Track the implementation, water savings, costs, and benefits of actual conservation activities over time.
  • Evaluate a utility’s changing revenue requirement with conservation.

Download the below flyer for further details; submit a completed flyer to register. 
Update: Registration closed.  Thank you for your interest.


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