Alliance for Water Efficiency's 2010 Water Star Award

Presented to George Kunkel


GK-MAD-2010At the AWE/EPA WaterSense Awards Banquet in Las Vegas, George Kunkel was recognized for a lifetime of achievement in promoting water conservation and water use efficiency and presented with AWE's 2010 Water Star Award.

This was a special moment for the water conservation community as it took time to recognize George, an unsung hero, as our national expert on the topic of water loss management.  Over the years, George has singlehandedly led the effort to change national policy on measuring and accounting for water.  All the while, George has been involved with numerous other initiatives, some of which include:

  • Serving multiple terms as Chair of the AWWA Water Loss Committee
  • Revising the AWWA M36 Manual
  • Co-authoring the Water Loss Control Manual, published by McGraw Hill
  • Maintaining the Waterwiser water loss web pages, and the water audit software
  • Maintaining the AWE water loss management web pages

Regarding George's dedication to water conservation and efficiency, Mary Ann Dickinson AWE's President and CEO stated, "As North America begins to realistically gauge and recover its leakage and non-revenue water, [George] will always be at the forefront of pushing this extremely important conservation issue." 

For all that he has done, and plans to do, we thank George for being a Water Star.