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Lessons for Water Managers from Behavioral Science

WaterSmart is a proven customer engagement and data analytics platform. We leverage utility meter data to better communicate with residential customers about their water usage. Water utility partners also receive analytics that reveal insights into your customers, their consumption, and their program participation. The WaterSmart platform is deployed through the cloud and requires no integration or hardware.

Innovation at Work: 

/assets/0/28/5137/5160/ec56afdf-c4ff-4433-acb0-0f44fffa3fba.pngWaterSmart has provided water efficiency and engagement services to the City of Palo Alto since the winter of 2014. In addition to receiving Home Water Reports, Palo Alto residents are able to log on to WaterSmart’s WaterSmart Portal through any web browser and mobile device. There, they can view more detailed water use history and choose relevant water efficiency tips. Internally, City of Palo Alto Utilities staff can access customer data, track water savings citywide, and run analytics in WaterSmart’s Water Efficiency Dashboard. The program will run through 2015.

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