WaterSense Proposed for Elimination Once Again


WaterSense Logo(1)President Trump has released his budget for FY2020, and it proposes to eliminate the WaterSense program – yet again. As you all know, we were collectively successful in getting WaterSense authorized by Congress in the 2018 America’s Water Infrastructure and Improvement Act. But since the President’s budget for FY2020 proposes to eliminate it in the EPA budget cuts, we now need to take our case directly to Congress.

To do this we need your help! We need you to contact your elected Congressional Representatives and Senators. We have prepared a fact sheet (see the link below) which also includes a list of House and Senate Appropriations Committee members. If one of your elected representatives is on this list, your contact would be especially critical, although all representative contact is important. We have prepared a draft letter for you to send, linked below. It is posted in Word so that you may easily modify it as you wish.

Click here to view the letter, signed by 126 organizations, that AWE sent to members of Congress.

In addition to contacting your elected representatives, please consider donating to help AWE mount their campaign to Congress. WaterSense will only be saved by the collective efforts of us all. And we will need financial help to undertake this task and to build the coalition necessary to keep WaterSense alive. Please consider supporting us!

AWE WaterSense Funding Factsheet  

AWE WaterSense Funding Support Letter (Word)

AWE WaterSense Funding Support Letter (PDF)