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WaterSense LogoAWE is closely following the federal budget discussions in Washington, and it appears that the WaterSense labeling program is in grave danger of losing its funding. The President’s Budget for FY18 lists 50 programs at the US Environmental Protection Agency that should be eliminated, and this list includes valuable programs such as Energy Star. Because the WaterSense program has never been Congressionally authorized, it does not have its own budget line item, and for the past ten years it has been funded only at the discretion of the EPA Administrator. Although we have not yet heard that the program is specifically targeted for elimination, the depth of cuts to the EPA budget certainly suggest that the WaterSense program is likely to be at grave risk of losing its funding.

The WaterSense program is vital to the water efficiency community, and it has been a cornerstone of our efforts for a decade. It is critical that we step up to defend it and to request that it continue to be funded. For an annual federal investment of only $2 million, it provides significant economic value to the country and to water utilities and their customers in particular. It is valuable to the plumbing manufacturing community, and it helps create jobs. It has saved an estimated 1.5 trillion gallons of water. AWE has prepared a factsheet summarizing the many benefits of the WaterSense program. Click here to download it.

We are asking that AWE members and friends of WaterSense provide all our voices on a letter that AWE will send to EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt seeking continued funding for the WaterSense program for the remainder of FY17 as well as FY18. We are also asking that you contact your Senators and Congressional Representatives to express your own individual support for the continued funding of the WaterSense program. Congress needs to hear from YOU -- their constituent -- on this issue. Tell them how WaterSense has benefited you.

Thank you for your support of this effort.

Mary Ann Dickinson
President and CEO

- Update: Letter of Support - Letter released on April 25, 2017, click here for details
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