WaterSmart Guidebook for Businesses

Water Saving Technologies for Commercial, Industrial, and Institutional Properties

Watersmart GuidebookThe East Bay Municipal Utility District (EBMUD) has developed the WaterSmart Guidebook: A Water Use Efficiency Plan and Review Guide for New Businesses to provide information on water saving technologies applicable in the commercial, industrial, and institutional sectors.  This guidebook is intended for use as a resource by:

  • existing and new businesses
  • developers, consultants, and designers
  • planning agencies; and
  • water providers (for plan review and/or for reviewing and estimating water use at existing businesses, respectively)

The guidebook is also available on CD or by email (via request to Dick Bennett, Water Conservation Administrator, EBMUD). 

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WaterSmart Guidebook: A Water Use Efficiency Plan and Review Guide for New Businesses - Full report (5MB)
Table of Contents (136KB)

Business Types
Auto Service & Repair Shops (744KB)
Bakery & Pastry Shops (692KB)
Beverage Manufacturers (541KB)
Coin & Card Operated Laundries (289KB)
Commercial & Retail Centers (727KB)
Commercial Printers (330KB)
Fuel Service Stations & Convenience Stores (563KB)
Grocers (626KB)
Hospitals (1.76MB)
Hotels & Motels (493KB)
Industrial Bakeries (453KB)
Industrial Laundries & Dry Cleaners (428KB)
Laboratories (1.3MB)
Metal Finishers (894KB)
Office Buildings (1MB)
Paper Manufacturers (427KB)
Restaurants & Fast Food Outlets (767KB)
Schools (589KB)
Vehicle Washes (609KB)
Water Features, Pools & Landscapes (722KB)

Water-Using Technologies
Alternate On-Site Water Sources (293KB)
Food Service Operations (2.3MB)
Landscape Water-Use Efficiency (3.8MB)
Laundries & Dry-Cleaning Operations (1.2MB)
Medical Facilities & Laboratories (1.5)
Metering of Individual Units (272KB)
Photo & Film Processing (373KB)
Pool, Spas, & Fountains (567KB)
Process Water (801KB)
Restroom & Plumbing (1.3MB)
Thermodynamic Processes (2.5MB)
Water Treatment (459KB)
Vehicle Washes (279KB)

Sincere Thanks to EBMUD

The Alliance for Water Efficiency wishes to thank the East Bay Municipal Utility District for granting permission to include this tremendous guidebook in the Resource Library.  AWE welcomes submissions here.  If you have any questions about the WaterSmart Guidebook, contact EBMUD Water Conservation Supervisor Charles Bohlig at (510) 287-0491.