AWE and American Rivers Release White Paper on Green Jobs

Creating Jobs & Stimulating the Economy through Investment in Green Water Infrastructure


American Rivers LogoThe Alliance for Water Efficiency and American Rivers released a white paper titled, Creating Jobs and Stimulating the Economy through Investment in Green Water Infrastructure.  This report demonstrates how investment in green infrastructure and water efficiency retrofit projects will have a significant stimulus effect on local, regional and national economies.

The Nation’s economy is distressed and the nation’s decaying infrastructure is threatening long-term economic competitiveness. In order to reverse these trends, Congress and the Obama Administration are considering an economic stimulus package that would put Americans to work and build a solid foundation for the future.

Investments in “green” water infrastructure projects must be a key part of this package, as they promise to provide both an immediate economic boost and adequate clean water to drive future economic growth. The stimulus package presents the nation with a unique opportunity to realize a new vision for water management that fully integrates green and grey water solutions everywhere, not in just some places or as a marginal component. By investing in green infrastructure, we can put Americans to work building sustainable, adaptable water infrastructure that will be our legacy to future generations.

While the environmental benefits of green infrastructure have been well documented, the short-term economic benefits have not been explored as extensively. This paper examines three categories of green water infrastructure projects: green roofs, water efficiency, and wetland restoration. It is illustrated how each would provide a significant stimulus to the national economy.