Wildscape Introduction

Wildscape gardening involves developing a landscape that attracts wildlife such as birds, fox, and deer.  Wildscape is often not an intentionally water-wise landscape, but it often requires less water than the equivalent amount of turf.

Elements of a Wildscape Landscape

  • Food – Plant a variety of nectar, seed and berry producing plants to provide a variety of food sources throughout the year.
  • Water – Provide a clean source of water such as a birdbath or small pond.
  • Cover and Nesting – Choose plant species in a variety of heights and keep dead limbs or snags when they do not pose a threat to your property so wildlife has a place to hide and raise their young.

Irrigation Requirements

Wildscapes are usually predominately composed of native plants. Native plants have evolved to thrive in the local area climate and soil conditions. As such, little additional irrigation is needed when proper plants are chosen. When additional irrigation is required, use a soaker hose or handheld hose. If you are trying to attract butterflies and hummingbirds with nectar producing flower do not water them from above. It will wash away the nectar of many flowers.

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