Immediate Action Alert

Regarding a WaterSense-Certified Water Efficiency Retrofit Provision in Federal Legislation


Please help us make a difference and for the first time have water efficiency incentives added to a major piece of federal legislation!  The Home Star Energy Retrofit Act of 2010 is a proposed bill designed to jump start job growth by providing short term incentives for residential energy efficiency improvements.  Senator Ron Wyden (OR) is proposing the WYDEN WATERSENSE AMENDMENT, which will incorporate provisions for WaterSense product water efficiency retrofits in the Silver Star portion of the bill to match up with the energy efficiency retrofit provisions already in the bill. 

The Alliance for Water Efficiency strongly urges you to immediately contact your Senators to send a clear message of support for including the WYDEN WATERSENSE AMENDMENT which adds WaterSense-certified products and services to the Home Star Energy Retrofit Act of 2010.  This bill, with the WYDEN WATERSENSE AMENDMENT, would represent an historic opportunity to improve both water and energy efficiency, while stimulating job growth.

AWE is a leader in The WATER Coalition, a broad cross-section of plumbing and irrigation contractors, manufacturers and wholesalers, retailers, utilities, environmental groups, water efficiency organizations and real estate organizations working to encourage and support water efficiency retrofit programs such as U.S. EPA’s WaterSense program.  The WATER Coalition's efforts focus on including a comprehensive package for a water efficiency retrofit program in the Home Star legislation.  Senator Wyden’s amendment is our best shot to make this happen.  We are now at the critical time in the legislative process with the Home Star bill expected to be "marked-up" before the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee, chaired by Senator Jeff Bingaman (NM), within the next two weeks and certainly before the Memorial Day recess. 

The current water efficiency proposal includes a two-tiered program that would provide a rebate for purchase and installation of WaterSense-certified plumbing and irrigation products.  Consumers would receive a purchase cost rebate and there would also be a installation cost rebate where appropriate.  We are working to better align the water efficiency provisions with the already agreed to energy efficiency retrofit language in the bill.  While specifics of the amendment continue to be fine-tuned as this alert is being written, Senator Ron Wyden (OR) along with Senator Mark Udall (CO) are committed leaders in this effort on behalf of the water efficiency community. 

This is an amazing opportunity to establish water efficiency provisions in federal legislation and secure funding in support of water efficiency.  We ask you to act immediately by contacting your Senators today urging them to support a comprehensive Home Star bill that includes water efficiency by adding the WYDEN WATERSENSE AMENDMENT to the legislation. 

Below, please find a link to a generic formal letter template, an informal e-mail message, and key talking points for your use when contacting your Senator and urging the support for WaterSense funding in the Home Star bill.  Use the fourth and final link to aid in finding your Senator's contact information.

Thanks for supporting water efficiency!