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T&S Brass


T and S LOGOT&S Brass understands how important water conservation is in this day and age. That's why they are a leader in the commercial foodservice and plumbing industries with an extensive line of products that meet all water conservation requirements without compromising performance. All T&S models are manufactured to deliver the consistent flow while maintaining the water and energy savings industry demands.  T&S believes in conserving water through innovation

T&S entered the green scene before it was an industry fad, manufacturing products that were as sustainable in their creation as they were in their performance. T&S Brass products are designed to meet the energy and performance needs of both plumbing and foodservice applications. Twenty years ago, T&S introduced the B-0107-C low-flow spray valve. The B-0107-C and B-0108 were the first two pre-rinse spray valves endorsed by the Green Restaurant Association (GRA).

Among T&S products that contribute to water efficiency are:

  • Low-flow spray valves – T&S introduced the concept of water efficiency to the pre-rinse unit.  While the federal spray valve usage limit is 1.6 gpm, the newest T&S spray valves are leagues ahead, offering 0.65 gpm, saving up to 100,000 gallons per year.
  • Electronic faucets – Saving as much as one gallon per hand wash, T&S electronic faucets are an ideal water-saving option for a variety of applications.
  • Aerators – The perfect product to turn a standard faucet into a water-saving device, T&S aerators, provide flow control by restricting water usage to between 0.25 and 2.0 gpm.
  • Ceramic cartridges – Small leaks can be big sources of water consumption.  T&S Cerama cartridges were designed with no seals or washers to wear out, with the goal of reducing leaks.  End-users can cut their water consumption by 20 percent with a simple switch to these cartridges.
  • Metering faucets – T&S metering faucets significantly reduce water usage and save energy by regulating water flow and duration without using even the minimum amount of energy required by electronic faucets.

T&S has also formed partnerships with organizations that share our commitment to water conservation and sustainability.  From the USGBC, creators of LEED certification, to the EPA’s WaterSense and the Alliance for Water Efficiency, T&S is proud to work together with other conservation entities to raise awareness, educate and conserve resources. By choosing T&S products, customers become partners working toward the goal of true sustainability.

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