Home Star Retrofit Act Stalls in Senate

There is Still an Opportunity to Weigh-in with your Senators


Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-NV,  has announced that the Senate will delay consideration of the Energy Bill, The Clean Energy Jobs and Oil Company Accountability Act of 2010, S-3663, until September when Congress returns from their August recess.  This bill contains the Home Star Retrofit Act, which provides consumer rebate incentives for energy and water efficiency products.

Senator Reid had planned to bring S-3663 to the floor for debate and votes this week.  In announcing the delay, the Senator restated his intention to move ahead with the legislation in the Fall and continues to believe that energy legislation will be passed before the end of the year. 

It appears clear that the bill lacked the 60 votes needed to overcome opposition to a most controversial provision in the bill that would remove the liability limits on oil companies involved in an oil spill.

There is still an opportunity during the August recess to weigh-in with your Senators regarding your support for the Home Star provisions of the bill.  Click here for the previous AWE update with links for further information, including draft text of the legislation.