AWE Releases Draft State Scorecard

An Assessment of Laws and Policies


Update (Sept, 2012): The final report has been released.   Click here  for more information and to download a copy.

Report CoverThe Alliance for Water Efficiency and the Environmental Law Institute have released a draft of the report entitled, The Water Efficiency and Conservation State Scorecard: An Assessment of Laws and Policies . This research effort, funded in part by a grant from the Turner Foundation, identified state level water efficiency and conservation policies and laws throughout the 50 states via a 20-question survey.  Water efficiency and conservation laws and policies encompassed in the survey included plumbing fixture standards, water conservation requirements related to water rights, water loss control rules, conservation planning and program implementation, volumetric billing for water, funding sources for water efficiency and conservation programs, and technical assistance and other informational resources.

In addition to collecting data on individual state level water efficiency and conservation policies, the project team graded the states based on its findings. Overall, the 50 states as a group average a "C" grade. A full breakdown of the scores can be viewed in the report.

The results can be interpreted in many ways.  One positive way to look at the results is to see opportunity where policies are absent or lacking strength. The highlighted policy examples in the report can serve as a model for new initiatives.

Due to the abundance of information that was gathered for this project and the difficulty in finding legal citations to support survey answers, the project team wished to release the report for public comment and review to determine if any errors need correcting.  The public comment period is open until June 15, 2012. If you find something is missing, or a cited policy needs more detail, please provide feedback to ensure that this assessment is as accurate as possible. Directions for comment submittal can be found in the report.

Click here to download a draft copy of The Water Efficiency and Conservation State Scorecard: An Assessment of Laws and Policies. (Link disabled)