G480 Water Conservation Program Operation and Management Standard Leaderboard

trophy guyWelcome to the Alliance for Water Efficiency G480 Standard Leaderboard! The G480 Leaderboard recognizes exemplary water utilities that have adopted and complied with the voluntary G480 Water Conservation Program Operation and Management Standard. In addition to the standard being voluntary, verification and participation in the Leaderboard are also voluntary. AWE only reviews and verifies unsolicited submissions provided by water utilities. Click here for more information about the G480 Standard.    

LeaderBoard-and-Medals 073018 *Valencia Water Company is now SCV Water-Valencia Water Division. While they are not yet certified under their new organizational structure, we look forward to a future submittal from SCV Water. 

What are the Scoring Criteria?

Water providers can earn Platinum, Gold, and Silver levels of compliance.  These levels of compliance are determined as follows:

Platinum Recognition = 100% Compliance.
Gold Recognition = Missing completion of 1 subarea requirement.  Progress made in all major categories.
Silver Recognition = Missing completion of 2 subareas or 1 subarea deemed highly significant.  Progress made in all major categories.

The Gold and Silver scoring criteria serve as guidelines. Scoring can vary due to the qualitative nature of evaluating G480 Standard compliance, and the uniqueness of each submission. AWE and its associates reserve the right to use their own discretion when determining levels of compliance. 

How can my Utility be added to the Leaderboard?

The Alliance for Water Efficiency will review and verify submissions for current AWE members free of charge.  Water utilities will be added to the Leaderboard if the scoring criteria are met.  Questions regarding submissions can be sent to info@a4we.org.  Those wishing to be verified will need to fill out the G480 Checklist and provide supporting materials for each requirement that has been completed.

When filling out the G480 Checklist we ask that a detailed reference is included for each requirement, such as a document name, section, and page number.  Please also be sure to review Section 5 of the AWWA G480 Water Conservation Program Operation and Management Standard which has details regarding verification documentation.
To learn more about the G480 Water Conservation Program Operation and Management Standard click here.

To view AWE's webinar on the G480 Standard click here.