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Pledge $5 to AWE for Every Copy of Book Sold


HD Heart of Dryness CoverAWE member, author and entrepreneur James G. Workman spent seven years in Africa exploring the causes and consequences of water scarcity, absorbing what "developed" nations like the U.S. can learn and adopt--from the oldest indigenous society besieged in the Kalahari Desert--about using less water more efficiently and coping with climate change. 

Now his book-- Heart of Dryness: How the Last Bushmen Can Help Us Endure the Coming Age of Permanent Drought--can help us do the same.

In support of AWE and its mission, James and the owners of the legendary San Francisco bookstore, The Booksmith, have pledged a combined contribution of $5 for every copy of Heart of Dryness sold.  

HD Booksmith LogoTo ensure AWE receives the contribution, you must place your order directly with The Booksmith. (Ph: 1-800-493-7323 / E-mail:

  • When ordering, mention their offer/pledge to support AWE. 
  • Tell the staff how you’d like the book(s) personalized by the author--signature and/or message.  
  • Books are available for $26 + s/h. 

Support AWE, The Booksmith, and James, purchase your copy of Heart of Dryness today.

Praise for Heart of Dryness:

"An astonishing synthesis of human and natural history, folly, scarcity, beauty, dignity and power."--Rick Bass, author of The Wild Marsh

"An investigative and story-telling triumph….showing a way back to accountability, sustainability, abundant life, and hope."--David James Duncan, author of The Brothers K 

"Workman's experiences and insights are fascinating, ... a real page-turner."--Elizabeth Marshall Thomas, author of The Harmless People

"A fascinating read and great adventure story."--Bruce Babbitt, former U.S. secretary of the Interior

About the Author: 

HD JGWorkman PicJames G. Workman, an award-winning journalist, foreign correspondent and writer, has prepared speeches for statesmen on four continents.  As a 'Drought Doctor' he has advised businesses, aid agencies, civic associations, environmentalists and government departments on water scarcity and climate change adaptation. He is based in San Francisco, where he is translating his experiences with Kalahari Bushmen into a new venture that harnesses Web 2.0 platforms to trade the right to water.  Read more here

About The Booksmith:

Christin and Praveen are the new face of The Booksmith.  They bought the bookstore from founder Gary Frank in 2007.  Refugees from the Land of Corporations, they continue to have many exciting plans for The Booksmith.  Their big, hairy, audacious goal - Create the Independent Bookstore for the 21st Century.  Learn more here.