Hydraulic Fracturing

Hydraulic fracturing (hydrofracking) is a process used to release and extract fossil fuels from deep underground layers of rock.  An example of this is the extraction of natural gas from shale.  The technology was first used to mine natural gas in the late 1940s, but recent advances in pumping equipment, fracturing flFrackinguids, and drilling techniques have allowed the economical extraction of previously inaccessible gas deposits. 

Hydraulic fracturing is controversial due to its negative environmental impacts which include the deforestation of well sites, air and land pollution, contamination of ground water supplies, and a heavy reliance on the use of freshwater in its processes.  With natural gas production expected to grow in the future, and an increasing trend in pursuing unconventional gas deposits, it is important to analyze the potential hazards associated with hydrofracking.  

While the oil and gas boom is providing jobs in the United States, there is some evidence that hydraulic fracturing operations—which can be close to residential areas—are leading to steep declines in property values as buyers worry about environmental contamination, Reuters reported in December 2013. Drilling within a kilometer of a home can reduce its value 16.7 percent if it relies on well water, according to a study by researchers from the Environmental Defense Fund, Duke University and Resources for the Future.

Below are links to resources about hydraulic fracturing and the associated issues.  The first resource is River Network’s 2012 River Voices Newsletter that was dedicated solely to the issue of hydrofracking.  Dig in and enjoy.

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Osborn et al. (May 2011) Methane contamination of drinking water accompanying gas-well drilling and hydraulic fracturing 

Montgomery, Carl and Smith, Michael (December 2010) Hydraulic Fracturing History of an Enduring Technology 

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