"Innovations in Efficiency Showcase" Webinar

Merging Technology and Science to Instill a Water Ethic: Innovative Customer Education Strategies for Water Managers



If you missed the webinar, click here to watch the video recording and download the presentation. 

Water utilities now have a host of tools available to them – ranging from social media to mobile apps – to educate consumers on the need for efficiency. These strategies are becoming more diverse – and more effective – with a greater understanding of how people learn and new ways to monitor and communicate individual water consumption to customers. Innovative technologies and software, combined with principles of behavioral science, are being applied to the water industry for even greater impact in reducing water use and changing customer behavior. This webinar showcases two AWE members who are merging technology and scientific findings to help create smarter water consumers at home and in the classroom. Join us to stay ahead of the curve on innovations in efficiency. 

Showcase 1: Lessons for Water Managers from Behavioral Science 

The insights gleaned from behavioral science are often contrary to traditional economic theory. For example, giving customers information about how their water use compares to neighbors has a greater impact on reducing water use than purely economic messages that focus on lowering bills. A recent independent report showed that sending WaterSmart Software’s Home Water Reports with social norm comparisons resulted in an average of 4.4%-6.6% savings. This Showcase will demonstrate how WaterSmart partners with communities to apply behavioral science insights and achieve efficiency objectives.

Showcase 2: Educating Efficiency and the Role of STEM 

MeterHero puts the power of tracking water and energy data in the hands of the individual. In partnership with the STEMhero program, MeterHero is being used by teachers around the country to help students learn about efficiency. The program focuses on participatory learning, building on research showing that students are more likely to retain learning when they have a hands-on experience. This Showcase will share the STEMhero curriculum that teachers and school districts are using in places like Milwaukee to help instill the lessons of water efficiency in the next generation. 

Date: Tuesday, November 18, 2014
Start Time: 11:00 a.m. P | 12:00 p.m. M | 1:00 p.m. C | 2:00 p.m. E
Duration: 1 Hour
Speakers: Mary Ann Dickinson, AWE; Dominique Gómez, Director of Market Development, WaterSmart Software; Lacey Lutes, Utility Representative, City of Palo Alto, CA; McGee Young, Founder, MeterHero; and Steve Dykema, Director of Development, Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Milwaukee
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