Water Efficiency Rebate Incentives Remain a Legislative Priority for AWE

During the Congressional Lame-Duck Session in November


Home Star LogoWith the House of Representatives adjourned and the Senate holding proforma sessions only, Washington’s focus holds firm on the November 2nd mid-term elections and the congressional lame-duck session that follows.  Water use efficiency incentives remain a priority on AWE’s agenda with the Alliance working closely with its WATER Coalition colleagues to continue its pursuit of water efficiency rebates in federal legislation.

Further movement on the Home Star Retrofit Act of 2010 containing water efficiency rebates remains possible as congress is scheduled to return for business the week of November 15th, break for the Thanksgiving holiday week, return November 30th and stay in session through the first three weeks of December. 

We are focusing our action in the Senate as the House has already passed its version of the Home Star bill.  The Senate leadership is supportive of the water efficiency rebate provisions but our success remains dependent on the mid-term elections -- where it seems anything can happen. 

Please continue to urge your Senators to support the Home Star Retrofit Act of 2010 as included in S. 3663.

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