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Net Blue: Community Outreach

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The Net Blue Project team reached out to communities, groups and professional associations around the country to get feedback on the Net Blue concept and how it might be applied in a variety of places. This feedback informed development of the final model ordinance toolkit.

Seven geographically and environmentally diverse communities are collaborating with the Net Blue Project Team to review and test the concepts of the project in more depth. Over a two-year period we met with a variety of stakeholders including water utilities and managers, planners, developers, environmental and community groups in these communities to review and vet draft materials The seven communities are:

  1. Acton, Massachusetts
  2. Cobb County, Georgia
  3. Austin, Texas
  4. Madison, Wisconsin
  5. Albuquerque, New Mexico
  6. Bozeman, Montana
  7. San Francisco, California

The Net Blue Project Team will spend 2017 reaching out and developing helpful resources for communities and organizations to use in their efforts to introduce Net Blue concepts, explain the positive benefits of offsets on local water supply, and promote the development and adoption of the ordinance within the community. Net Blue Project Partner River Network is leading this work. 

An Initiative to Support Water-Neutral Growth Online Version_Page_1Working with these and other interested communities, we will engage in a three-part strategy: 

    1. Material development. We will develop and revise introductory materials about Net Blue, the model ordinance, and the offset methodology. In addition, we will research and develop materials targeted at key audiences to help with the promotion and adoption of Net Blue strategies.
     2. Municipal outreach and support. We will continue to work with our partner cities across the country with whom the team has collaborated over the last two years for information, guidance, and feedback. In addition, we will pursue interest expressed by other jurisdictions at conferences, meetings, and through similar efforts.
    3. Widespread promotion. We will promote the Net Blue concept, ordinance and offset methodology through presentations at conferences, webinars, articles and social media.

Download the Net Blue Fact Sheet here. 

Download Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) here.   

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