The White House Sets Sustainability Goals for Federal Agencies

Targeting a 26% Improvement in Water Efficiency by the Year 2020


The White House issued an Executive Order on October 5, 2009 that sets sustainability goals for Federal agencies and focuses on making improvements in their environmental, energy and water efficiency, and economic performance.  

The Executive Order, signed by President Obama last week, requires Federal agencies to set a 2020 greenhouse gas emissions reduction target within 90 days, increase energy efficiency, conserve water by improving the efficiency for water usage,  reduce waste,  reduce fleet vehicle petroleum consumption and support sustainable communities. 

Among the environmental measures mandated by the order is a 26% improvement in water efficiency by 2020.   

Demonstrating a commitment to lead by example the President stated that the federal government can and should create innovative ways for each agency to develop and carry out priorities to assist in meeting their sustainability goals.