AWE Water Efficiency Research Committee Project List

About the Project List

The Alliance's Water Efficiency Research Committee project list exists to pool collective research needs and funding resources to initiate important water efficiency research, as well as to track current research projects AWE and/or it's research committee are involved in. 

The project list is divided into four sections:

  1. Project Ideas - Research needs that have been identified by research committee members.
  2. Proposed Projects - Project ideas that have been proposed by a member of the research committee to be developed into an active project.
  3. Active Projects - Projects that are underway, or the committee is actively soliciting for funding.
  4. Completed Projects - Projects completed and resources available.  

Please contact Bill Christiansen if you are interested in helping promote any of the projects on the list.

Click here to download a PDF of the Project List
(Last updated March 2019)