Phigenics, LLC

Pioneering a Portfolio Approach to Cooling Water Management through independence

Phigenics is an independent water management company founded to help facility managers optimize the efficiency and cost and improve the safety of their water systems.

Innovation at work: 

PhigenicsIn 2008, Walmart partnered with Phigenics to assess the performance of its cooling water management program at its 180 water-cooled stores in the U.S. During this assessment, a lack of vendor oversight and standardized approach to cooling water management were identified. This resulted in excessive water consumption due to low reuse of water and slow response time to leaks, decreased energy efficiency, and decreased useful life of assets. From this, the portfolio approach to cooling water management was development.

This approach seeks to create a company-wide impact and greatly improve the efficiency of water use across the water-cooled facilities. It utilizes intelligent real time monitoring and consists of an enterprise-class cloud software platform specialized for utility water management, a standardized system for automatic sensor monitoring, and secure wireless data communications. It also includes a performance specification for all water treatment and equipment suppliers and a standardized online service report. Data is securely accessible and available to the facility, design and sustainability team members and water management experts anytime through any Internet connected device.

Through this approach, water consumption was reduced by 25% per cooling tower, which equates to 660 million gallons of water and $4.4 million in total water and sewer savings portfolio-wide over the 6 years of the program. In addition, this approach increased the energy efficiency and useful life of capital assets.

Phigenics provides independent guidance via its 4 Box Water Management Programs for potable and utility water systems. These consist of a defensible water safety program based on best practices in ANSI/ASHRAE Standard 188 and a CAPEX/OPEX efficiency program. For this, Phigenics offers expert consulting services, web based data management and analysis, and water testing at its CDC Elite certified water-testing laboratories.

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Kellen Utecht
Director of Sustainability