Sign On To Congressional Support Letters for Authorizing WaterSense

AWE Seeks Signers to Letters of Support for S.1137, H.R. 3248, and now S.1700


congress2017-09-05 Update: Our AWE-led Letters of Support have been submitted. Please use the following links to go to where you can download a copy of each--S. 1137, S. 1700, and H.R. 3248. Additionally, AWE submitted a Letter of Support for S. 1460, the Energy and Natural Resources Act of 2017.  

2017-08-31 Update: We have stopped collecting signers. We will post the final letters after they've been submitted. Stay tuned!    

The Alliance for Water Efficiency is seeking organizational supporters (and their logos) to sign on to letters to support for legislation that will authorize the WaterSense® program. There are now three WaterSense bills pending in Congress. All would provide congressional authorization for WaterSense, which is currently on a list of programs targeted for zero funding in the President's FY 2018 budget. Authorization of WaterSense will enable Congress to later assign funds to maintain this vital program. 

Current bills include:

S. 1137, the Clean Safe Reliable Water Infrastructure Act, introduced by Senators Cardin, Inhofe, Boozman, and Duckworth on May 16, 2017.

H.R. 3248, the Water Advanced Technologies for Efficient Resource Use Act of 2017, introduced in the House by Congressman Matthew Cartwright (D-PA), with 23 co-sponsors on July 13, 2017.

and the latest

S. 1700, the Water Efficiency improvement Act of 2017, introduced by Senators Udall and Portman on August 2, 2017.

We are urging support for all three bills. If your organization can support any or all of the above bills and sign on to our corresponding letters, please let us know which, and attach your organization's logo for inclusion. Thanks for supporting the WaterSense program!