Water Brooms Introduction

This new water saving technology, using a combination of air and water pressure, cleans and removes dust, dirt, food spills, leaves litter, sawdust and bird droppings from concrete, asphalt, aggregate or any other composition surface.  While water conservation principles suggest sweeping hardscapes with a traditional broom rather than water, we recognize there are sometimes health and safety requirements that dictate the surfaces be washed with water to remove food and other grime.  Water brooms should be used only when traditional brooms are not able to clean the surface in a satisfactory manner.  Water brooms are far superior to hose and spray nozzles in both water efficiency and cleaning effectiveness.



The water broom allows the user to wash the surface in the most water efficient manner possible.  A traditional hose and nozzle consumes more than 8 to 12 gallons per minute (30.3 L to 45.4 L).  A water broom emits focused streams of water at very high velocity, using only 2 gallons per minute (7.6 L).  Most users find the cleaning action of water brooms to be far superior compared to simple hose nozzles.