AWE Announces Water Loss Webinar - Register Today

Title: Strategies for Identifying and Minimizing Non-Revenue Water

Thanks to everyone who attended the May 24, 2012 webinar. 


pipe leak 1Plan to join us for an educational webinar on the fine art of water loss management!  On Thursday, May 24th from 1:00-2:30 p.m. (Central) AWE will conduct a 90-minute webinar featuring instructor Reinhard Sturm, co-author of the classic NRW textbook Water Loss Control.   The webinar is intended for water conservation managers who need cross-over training on the distribution-side management of leakage and other forms of non-revenue water, but will be good basic training for network managers as well.  The webinar will also discuss a current project which should provide new information on these methods funded by the Water Research Foundation. 

WLC Book CoverSpecial pricing for buying the textbook Water Loss Control, 2nd edition will be offered.  AWE normally sells this book for $85, already a discount from the regular retail price of $115.  For this webinar, AWE will offer a further discounted sale of the textbook for $75 to current AWE members in good standing.

Webinar Program:

The webinar will cover the following topics: 

  1. How NRW management improves a utilities efficiency, bottom line and resource management
  2. Active Steps in NRW Management:
       a. Calculating the Water Balance
       b. Using the AWWA Water Audit Software
       c. Validating your data and doing a component analysis
       d. Managing leakage and system pressures using DMA’s or pressure zones
  3. How WRF Project 4372: "Effective Organization and Component Analysis of Utility Leakage Data" will help you
  4. Questions and Answers

Registration Closed.