Alliance for Water Efficiency's First Ever Water Star Award

Presented to John Flowers


Water Star AwardAt the Alliance for Water Efficiency/Environmental Protection Agency WaterSense Awards Banquet in Las Vegas, John Flowers was recognized for a lifetime of achievement in promoting water conservation and water use efficiency and presented with AWE's first ever Water Star Award.

This was a special moment for the water conservation community as it took time to recognize and thank one of its leaders. John's pioneering visions and efforts changed the way water is used in the United States, and were instrumental in creating programs like WaterSense and organizations like the Alliance for Water Efficiency.

Some of John's initiatives in which he provided a leadership role include:

  • The setting of plumbing standards in the Energy Policy Act of 1992. This piece of legislation was a major milestone in the water efficiency movement.
  • The EPA Water Alliances for Voluntary Efficiency (WAVE) Program. Through the WAVE program over 1,000 hotels committed to water efficiency practices.
  • EPA grant for the WaterWiser Clearinghouse.
  • Research and outreach projects such as:
    • New development benchmarking
    • Avoided cost studies
    • Water Use Efficiency in IRP AWWARF
    • Submetering
    • Scoping the Alliance for Water Efficiency
  • Conservation guidelines in the Safe Drinking Water Act.
  • EPA Water Conservation Case Studies Report.
  • The labeling of water efficient products
  • The Alliance for Water Efficiency

Water Star Award 3