Rachio, Inc.

Business and Industry (Manufacturers, Distributors)
Denver, CO

Rachio believes people want beautiful, meaningful landscapes and also want them to be sustainable. This requires a unique balance of proper vegetation, landscape architecture, infrastructure and smart controllers. Their intelligent sprinkler controller is just the start, as Rachio strives to continue building things that ensure water is used efficiently around every home.

In Partnership with AWE

Rachio was featured in AWE's Innovations in Efficiency Showcase Series webinar, Accessing the Power of the Cloud to Drive Outdoor Water Savings. Click here to watch the webinar and download the presentationContact: Clay Kraus, Director of Market Development.

Rachio donated smart irrigation controllers for AWE's Peak Day Water Demand Management Study. The study explores the viability of using remotely-controlled irrigation systems to reduce peak water demands and introduces a promising new approach.