Fact Sheet on the Pros and Cons of Including Artificial Turf in Landscape Transformation Programs Designed to Save Water

About Landscape Transformation Programs  Communities in the West and other drought-prone areas are increasingly turning to landscape transformation rebates to help save water. These programs, known by names such as turf conversions or cash for grass, typically replace turf grass with water-efficient or xeriscape landscapes that can include climate-appropriate low-water plants, mulch, hardscaping such as patios and walkways, and, in some instances, low-water grasses, to reduce the overall water demand of the landscape. Often, these programs also require efficiency upgrades to the irrigation system. As landscape transformation programs grow in popularity, water utilities, homeowners, and businesses are evaluating whether artificial turf is a good option to save water.

AWE created a fact sheet to assist members in evaluating the pros and cons of utilizing artificial turf in landscape transformation programs. Sign in to access this resource below.