Sign on to Request Tax Exemption for Water Conservation Rebates

Congress bld smallThe Alliance for Water Efficiency is seeking supporters of two Congressional Bills that would make water conservation rebates exempt from federal tax. S. 1464 and H.R. 448 are bills that have been introduced that will make water conservation rebates exempt. Click here for more information, and to sign on to the letters of support.

Cooling Tower Research Study

Cooling_tower_Denver waterThe Alliance for Water Efficiency is excited to announce the launch of its Cooling Tower Technologies Research Project. The overall purpose of this study is to gain foundational knowledge needed to create effective, targeted, and appealing incentive and outreach programs to achieve greater efficiency in cooling tower systems. Click here to learn more about how to get involved with this study.  

AWE Presents 2017 Water Star Award to Carole Baker

Water Star LogoCarole Baker, President & CEO of the Texas Water Foundation and former AWE Board Chair, was awarded AWE's 2017 Water Star Award. This annual award honors an individual who has been an "unsung hero" for water conservation. Click here to learn more about this award and the positive impact that Carole has made throughout her career.

AWE Files Letters of Support for WaterSense Authorization

WaterSense LogoOn September 5, the Alliance for Water Efficiency filed support letters with dozens of organizations signing on in support. Letters were filed for HR 3248, S 1137, and S 1700. In addition, a support letter was filed by AWE for S 1460. Click here for more information.

At the urging of AWE and other industry partners, the U.S. House Appropriations Subcommittee issued its FY 2018 agency funding report rejecting the proposed elimination of the WaterSense® program. Click here to learn more.

On April 25, AWE delivered a letter to EPA Administrator Pruitt with 187 organizations calling for preserved program funding. View it here.

Report Release: Peak Day Water Demand Management Study

Peak-Water-Demand-Management-Study---CoverA new report from the Alliance for Water Efficiency describes an innovative load shifting experiment carried out during the summer of 2016 by New Jersey American Water (NJAW), Rachio, and WaterDM. The Peak Day Water Demand Management Study explores the viability of using remotely-controlled irrigation systems to reduce peak water demands and introduces a promising new approach. Click here to learn more and to download the full report.

A webinar detailing the report's findings will be held on September 26 at 1 p.m. CDT. Click here to learn more and to register for the webinar.

Reports: Water Conservation Helps Keep Rates Low in Arizona

TucsonAZ_IconWater conservation has helped keep water rates lower in two Arizona communities, according to new research released by AWE. In Tucson and Gilbert, investments in conservation have helped avoid unnecessary costs that would be passed on to customers. Click here to learn more and to download the full reports.

New Video: Good Question - Why Are My Water Rates Going Up?

GoodQuestion_IconAWE has released a new video to explain why water rates may be going up, even as customers are using less. Click here to view the video.

Also view our Water: What You Pay For Video to learn about the water service a typical residential water bill covers, and the costs of delivering a consistent, reliable flow of safe and affordable drinking water to faucets. Customization opportunities for both videos are available for AWE members. If interested, please contact Megan Chery.

The California Water Efficiency Partnership to Formally Affiliate with AWE

AWE CWEP logos verticalAWE is pleased to announce that it has begun negotiations with the California Water Efficiency Partnership with the goal to formalize a relationship between the two organizations. The specific details of the affiliation will be negotiated over the summer. Read more here

Net Blue Toolkit to Help Communities Pursue Water-Neutral Growth

Net Blue Logo smallerAs population growth increases pressure on finite water supplies, the Alliance for Water Efficiency, Environmental Law Institute, and River Network launched the Net Blue Ordinance Toolkit to help communities pursue sustainable development without increasing overall water demands.  The Toolkit is designed to help communities facing diverse challenges to find the solution that best matches their water supply situation, governance structures, and conservation opportunities. The Model Ordinance Worksheet guides users through the development of a water-offset ordinance tailored to their political climate, legal framework, and environmental conditions. The Offset Methodology Workbook helps evaluate and select strategies to offset the projected new potable water use. Click here to learn more about the Net Blue Toolkit!

Study Estimates Up To 170-Billion-Gallon Water Savings Per Year Through Water-Efficient Toilets

AWE PMI logoWater-efficient toilets could potentially save up to 170 billion potable gallons of water per year across five states facing water scarcity, according to new research released today by AWE and Plumbing Manufacturers International (PMI). The “Saturation Study of Non-Efficient Water Closets in Key States” focused on Arizona, California, Colorado, Georgia and Texas – all five states have either experienced or are on the verge of experiencing significant shortages.. Click here to learn more about this research and to download the full report.

Commercial Kitchens Guide

Commercial Kitchens IconThe new member-only Commercial Kitchens Water Use Efficiency and Best Practices Guide will help improve water efficiency in commercial kitchen operations. It is specifically designed for members of the commercial kitchens, food service, and hospitality industries. The Guide covers day-to-day best practices, case study summaries, and strategies for efficient management of the most common high-use equipment. Members can order printed copies of the Guide at a bulk rate. We are collecting orders now. Click here to learn more.

AWE Releases Graywater Report

Graywater cover 3Planners, designers, decision makers, and researchers currently lack the information necessary to determine if graywater reuse systems are viable and provide cost-effective potable water savings. At the same time, these professionals and other stakeholders are increasingly under pressure to promote and/or incentivize the use of single-family packaged graywater reuse systems. AWE has now released a report which includes easy-to-follow steps for determining the cost-benefit ratio for these systems, and which gives utilities information on how to evaluate whether or not they should include graywater systems in their program offerings. For more information click here.

NAWL 2017

Nawl17The North American Water Loss Conference (NAWL) will be held December 3-5, 2017 at the Paradise Point Resort in San Diego, CA. Discussions will take place on developing water loss policies, auditing your system, reducing apparent losses, controlling leakage, managing pressures, and documenting your progress, both for you and for your regulators. The inaugural NAWL conference, a biennial event, took place in Atlanta, GA in 2015 and drew over 500 attendees. . Click here to learn more.

Join Our Email Mailing List Today!

Join Email ListingThe Alliance for Water Efficiency maintains a mailing list to keep in contact with its members and all those interested in the latest happenings in water conservation. To receive updates on all AWE activities, the efforts of like-minded organizations, and up-to-date news on all things related to water efficiency, click here to sign up for the mailing list.

AWE: About Us

Video CaptureAWE has released a video highlighting our accomplishments, goals, and benefits of membership. Hear from current and former AWE Board members, organizational members, and staff about how we’re working toward our mission of water sustainability for North America. Not an AWE member? Watch the video and find out what you will gain by joining us.

AWE Water Conservation Tracking Tool Version 3.0 Now Available

tracking toolAWE released its much anticipated Version 3.0 of the Water Conservation Tracking Tool.  The Tracking Tool is an Excel-based model that can be used evaluate the water savings, costs, and benefits of conservation programs. The Tracking Tool is available free of charge to AWE members. To learn more and obtain a copy of the Tracking Tool click here.

AWE G480 Standard Leaderboard

G480-snapshotThe Alliance for Water Efficiency is recognizing utilities that have adopted and complied with the voluntary G480 Water Conservation Program Operation and Management Standard. Cobb County Water System is the first utility to appear on the G480 Leaderboard, having achieved Gold Recognition. To learn more about the scoring criteria and how to get your utility on the Leaderboard, click here.

AWE Publishes Financing Sustainable Water Resources for Water Managers

FSW-Logo-SmrThe Alliance for Water Efficiency has launched Financing Sustainable Water, an initiative created to help water managers build better rate structures that improve revenue stability, yet encourage resource efficiency. Aimed at combatting the common misperception that conservation makes rates rise, the Financing Sustainable Water initiative was designed to provide helpful tools and data to water managers, elected officials, and consumers. Learn more here.