Strategic Plans

Our 2030 Vision describes a world where communities, businesses, and ecosystems have the water they need to thrive.

It is a world in which water is properly valued in every form, and proactively, efficiently, and sustainably managed throughout the entire cycle – from the water provider to the tap and back into our waterways. Learn more in our current Strategic Plan. 

Then browse our previous Strategic Plans, including the 2005 scoping report by the California Urban Water Conservation to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency entitled, Developing a Framework for an Alliance for Water Efficiency: Issues & Options.


Recent News

February 26, 2024
Last week, AWE kicked off our latest research study, “Evaluating Changes in Peak Demand and How That May Affect the Choice,... more »
February 2, 2024
As we celebrate Black History Month, Valentine's Day, and Social Justice Day this February, let us channel the spirit of... more »
January 29, 2024
President & CEO Ron Burke's observations from the recent Colorado River Water Users Association conference.

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