Make Your Community a Leader in Water Efficiency

The AWE Network Helps Your Community:

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Achieve your conservation goals – From state-of-the-art tools to build better programs to virtual staff support along the way, AWE resources ensure conservation success.

  • Use our Water Conservation Tracking Tool to assess your programs.
  • Access social media and communication tools.
  • Customize AWE's educational videos, and the Home Water Works calculator.
  • Build efficiency-oriented rates with our rate model and handbook.

Get personalized, one-on-one technical assistance from staff.

  • Consult the experts on AWE's program staff as you plan and implement your water efficiency initiatives.

Participate in public policy advocacy – Know the regulatory changes that affect your utility and customers, and shape your industry through collaborative advocacy efforts.

  • Know what’s around the corner: receive updates on key policy initiatives that affect your utility and customers via AWE’s newsletter, and Legislative Watch page.
  • Join hundreds of organizations advocating for the WaterSense program.
  • Support our efforts to provide tax exemption to water conservation rebates.
  • Gain assistance to exert influence where it matters: ask AWE to provide support letters, help develop legislation, or engage with decision-makers.

Develop organizational talent – Keep employees one step ahead through AWE’s high-quality education, comprehensive online resources, and networking opportunities

  • Learn from the newest case studies featuring water efficiency practices in other cities so you can replicate them in yours.
  • Discuss challenges, ideas, and successes with peers through our Education and Outreach Committee.
  • Leverage our resource library with member only content to build out viable conservation strategies.
  • Learn the latest on trends, technologies and best practices that you can bring back to your job through webinars, trainings and publications.

Collaborate to develop critical research – Design, plan, and participate in groundbreaking research on issues you need information on.

  • Participate in joint research on crucial efficiency topics such as such as outdoor water use, the water-energy nexus, water loss, and drought.
  • Develop partnerships with leading technology organizations through our Water Efficiency Research Committee.

Gain recognition for your leadership – Share your successes and promote your accomplishments amongst the leading network of pioneers, influencers, and thinkers in water efficiency. 

  • Gain national recognition for your conservation program through our G480 Leaderboard.
  • Participate in advisory committees to influence AWE’s education efforts, research and advocacy.
  • Highlight your successes and leadership through AWE’s Exemplary Program webinar series, AWE newsletters and other channels that reach the water community.

Downloadable Member Benefits

  • Download our member benefits here.
"I love being an AWE member mainly for access to all the great webinars that they host, and all the research I have access to. Coming from a small utility, I don't always have the capability to travel and can't always do research myself, so I get valuable information that I otherwise would not get. I love that I can educate myself and our customers in Round Rock."
Jessica Woods
Conservation Coordinator, Round Rock, TX

Membership Dues

Public agencies; municipalities; and investor-owned or privately-owned entities that provide water to individuals and communities.  If your agency, municipality, or utility is a retail and wholesale provider of water, or a retail and wastewater agency, annual dues will be calculated using both the number of retail water connections and the amount of wholesale water sold or water treated

Retail Water Provider

Retail Water Connections Dues
1.575¢ (or $.01575) per connection, with a floor (min) of $525 and max cap of $25,000 $525 - $25,000

Wholesale Water Provider

Wholesale Water Sold Dues
Less than 20 MGD $525
20 MGD - 1 BGD $26.25 per MGD
Greater than 1 BGD $25,000

Wastewater Agency

Public agencies; municipalities; and investor-owned or privately-owned entities that process and treat wastewater. Note: This is only for stand-alone wastewater agencies.

Wastewater Processed & Treated Dues
Less than 50 MGD $525
50 MGD - 1 BGD $10.50 per MGD
Greater than 1 BGD $10,500

*Dues will not decrease but remain at the previous year's level until exceeded, based on the annual dues calculation.