Our First State Chapter

The California Water Efficiency Partnership  (CalWEP, formerly the California Urban Water Conservation Council) became AWE's first Chapter on July 1, 2019, bringing together two of the country's major organizations dedicated to improving and enhancing water efficiency in California, the United States, and beyond.

CalWEP is an innovative leader, voice and expert on water efficiency in California that fosters collaboration among a wide variety of stakeholders. The Partnership carries forward the leadership, expertise and collaboration that was a Council hallmark but with a new name and new, nimble framework. The new name communicates a vision for an innovative organization that provides leadership on water efficiency issues in California, and also conveys the spirit of inclusion and collaboration among a wide variety of stakeholders. The new framework allows the organization to both serve members and quickly adapt to California’s changing regulatory, political, social, economic and environmental climate.

  • Mission: To maximize urban water efficiency and conservation throughout California by supporting and integrating innovative technologies and practices; encouraging effective public policies; advancing research, training, and public education; and building collaborative approaches and partnerships. Learn more here