Videos Communicating the Value of Water

WWYPF Video Title ScreenshotAWE’s Water: What You Pay For video is an animated video that seeks to communicate the value of water service, by explaining why safe drinking water has a cost.

This short video explains the least customers should know about the water that they not only love but need to survive! It describes the water service a typical residential water bill covers, and the costs of delivering a consistent, reliable flow of safe and affordable drinking water to faucets.

Good Question Video Title ScreenshotAWE’s Good Question: Why Are My Water Rates Going Up? video is an animated video that seeks to communicate the impact of water conservation on rates, by explaining how conservation can help keep utility costs and customer water rates lower over time.

This short video explains how conservation is a win-win - keeping utility costs down and money in customers' wallets - by avoiding unnecessary costs and keeping rates lower in the long term.

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Here's how you can use these videos: 

  • Share the videos with your customers, colleagues or partners, or with your social media communities to get them talking about water.
  • Leave us a comment on Youtube and let us know what you think.

Member-Only Benefit

As a member-only benefit: AWE can customize either one or both videos for your community. Learn more here


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