AWE brings together an international network of leading thinkers, decision-makers and pioneers to connect and exchange ideas. We educate newcomers to efficiency and keep seasoned professionals at the top of their game through webinars, workshops and networking opportunities. We offer training and resources to help businesses, water providers and other organizations engage their stakeholders around wise water use to build trust, clarity and partnership.

Uniting a Diverse Collective

AWE’s strength comes from bringing together all stakeholders committed to sustainable water use, including municipalities, water utilities, resource planning agencies, non-profit organizations, academic representatives, business and industry leaders, product manufacturers, irrigation consultants, distributors, and individual citizens. Through our advisory committees and events, this network of leaders is able to connect, exchange, and advance efficiency through the power of their combined voices. Learn more about our advisory committees:

  • Water Efficiency Research 
  • WaterSense and Water-Efficient Products 
  • Education and Outreach 

Training Professionals

The field of water management is constantly changing, with new opportunities and emerging issues to understand. AWE’s robust education platform helps practitioners stay ahead of the curve.

  • We host regular webinars on topics ranging from efficiency basics to hot topics to equip professionals with the information they need. View our Webinar Archive.
  • We organize and aggregate trainings, workshops and conferences in your area. View our Event Calendar.
  • We maintain the most complete repository of efficiency information available. Browse our Resource Library.
  • We have created a two-part, paid video series with an overview of planning steps necessary to run a successful water conservation program. This incorporates the basic steps from Amy Vickers’s widely referenced Handbook of Water Use and Conservation and other planning sources.

Empowering Citizens and Stakeholders

A sustainable water future requires understanding amongst customers, community leaders, and media about the value of this vital resource, the importance of efficiency and the tools to be smarter water users.

Our household Water Use Calculator provides citizens and communities with a powerful tool for estimating where water is used in the home. The calculator quickly estimates how much water is used for toilets, showers, clothes washers, faucets, dishwashers, and even leaks, comparing use to neighbors and providing a personal efficiency plan.

Our Financing Sustainable Water website offers tools to engage with stakeholders around the value of water and the role of water rates in securing a sustainable water future. View our Financing Sustainable Water Communications Tools, including messaging on rates and the Water: What You Pay For video, which explains the costs of delivering a reliable flow of safe and affordable drinking water to customers.

Our Never Waste program is a national consumer media campaign that aims to raise awareness about the amount of water we waste in our daily lives and encourage consumers to take action to reduce water waste.